Digital Media

Internet Ads

Editorial content is published 24/7 on Internet ads appear across all of our sites including and also provides multimedia videos and photo slideshows, Penn-related links from around the web, more than two decades of archived articles, breaking news updates, as well as links to our social media accounts. Online readers — students, faculty/staff and many Penn parents and alumni — view more than 800,000 web pages each month on on their phones, computers, and tablets.


  • Over 65% of our web traffic comes from mobile readers.
  • 90% of Penn students view content on the DP’s websites at least once a week.

About Internet Ads

Internet ads that run on display an image, series of images, and/or interactive elements on a web page, and link to your website when clicked by a viewer. Ads are automatically rotated among all pages. All ads appear on all devices, from desktop computers to tablets to phones.


There are two types available. Leaderboard ads appear at the top of each page. (On smaller phone screens, a smaller Mobile Leaderboard appears at the top of pages.) Medium Rectangle ads appear on the upper right side of each page and inline on phone screens.

Ad sizes are measured in pixels. A Leaderboard ad is 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall (about 7.5” x 1”). A Mobile Leaderboard is 320 pixels wide by 50 pixels tall (about 4.2” x 0.67”). A Medium Rectangle ad is 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall (about 4.2” x 3.5”).

IMPRESSIONS: Internet ads are priced by the number of impressions — the number of times each ad is viewed. The minimum order is 50,000 impressions (except for short-term runs).

LENGTH OF RUN: Ads may be scheduled to run over any period of time, from a minimum of three weeks up to multiple months. For ads which require a duration of a week or less, Short-Term Runs of 12,500 impressions over 3-7 days are available.

TRAFFIC: Our websites deliver about 800,000 page views per month. A schedule of 50,000 ad impressions/month delivers light exposure (your ad appears on about 6% of the pages viewed), 80,000 delivers moderate exposure (10%), and 160,000 delivers heavy exposure (20%).

READERSHIP: In addition to students and faculty, Penn parents and alumni account for roughly half of the page views on sites.

SITE REQUESTS: Page views for internet ads will be delivered with a combination of all of sites that are available at the time of purchase.