Unique Marketing Opportunities

The Daily Pennsylvanian is the award-winning student newspaper at the University of Pennsylvania. Publishing twice a week, with a circulation of 6,000 copies on Mondays and Thursdays, the DP print edition is widely read by the Penn community.

The Daily Pennsylvanian offers a variety of marketing services to help your business target the Penn market, including: flyering, social media posts, photos, video, market research, and sponsored content. 

The Daily Pennsylvanian offers out-of-home (outdoor) advertising in the form of poster locations on newspaper distribution rackbox units throughout the campus area.

Online, The Daily Pennsylvanian offers marketing opportunities on all three of its websites, including Under the Button, 34th Street, and theDP.com.

Over 9,000 readers subscribe to receive free daily headlines via email with links to the top stories featured on theDP.com. Headline emails are sent out five times each week during the school year and weekly throughout the summer. The Daily Pennsylvanian offers 4 marketing positions on each of these emails.

The Daily Pennsylvanian offers two ways to reach the Penn market via social media. Instantly reach the DP’s 20,000+ Twitter followers and 17,000+ Facebook followers with messages about your upcoming events and specials.

Phone: (215) 422-4640 ext 1

Email: advertising@theDP.com

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