Print Advertising

Due to Covid-19 we are not producing any print editions of The Daily Pennsylvanian during the 2020 fall semester. Print ads will not be available for purchase until January 2021. 

The Daily Pennsylvanian

The Daily Pennsylvanian, better known as the DP, is the award-winning student newspaper at the University of Pennsylvania. The DP is frequently recognized as one of the top college newspapers in the country. Publishing twice a week with a circulation of 5,000 copies on Mondays and Thursdays, the DP delivers to the Penn community relevant coverage of breaking news, sports, and commentary — plus the New York Times Crossword Puzzle, Sudoku, and hundreds of informative ads for products and services.



34th Street Magazine

34th Street is the entirely student-run, award-winning arts, entertainment, and campus culture magazine at Penn. Publishing every Wednesday, Street serves a thought-provoking mixture of gossip, food reviews, movie recommendations, student life stories, humor and in-depth features.

Print Rates

The Open Rate is available to Philadelphia-area and national advertisers. University of Pennsylvania departments and organizations qualify for a Penn discount.

Display Ad Rate
Per Column Inch 
Open Rate $12.50
Penn Discount Rate  $11.25


Any display ad using color — whether single or full color — incurs a flat charge for color printing. Press configurations may occasionally limit the locations of color ads in an issue.

Color Open Rate: $160

Color Contract Rates*

Display Ad (column inches)  Color Rate
1-12 $50
13-29 $75
30-60 $100
61-120 $125
  • Local contract customers receive thee discounted color rates based on ad size, not contract level. No additional discount percentage applies.

Guaranteed Position

Guaranteed Position 10%
of ad cost ($40 minimum) 

Guaranteed position only applies to specific pages or sections, not to the position of the ad on a page. Position guarantees are sold on a first-come basis, based on availability. Not all position requests are possible due to layout and press configurations.

Front Page Ads

The front page is the most prominent position for an ad. Only one front page ad is available in each issue, on a first-come-first-serve basis. There is only one size available: the ad runs across the entire bottom of the front page, 6 columns (10.875”) wide by 2” tall. Color is included in the cost of the ad. Ad designs are subject to review and acceptance by The Daily Pennsylvanian.

Front Page Ads
Per week
Per ad 
1 $300
 2+  $200

Print Ad Deadlines

It is not necessary to "reserve space" prior to submitting an ad; both the ad order and ad copy are due by deadline. Should ad copy not be recieved by deadline, the ad will be subject to cancellation from the edition. Advertising cancelled after deadline is subject to full charge.

Advertisers requiring proofs, please add one business day to deadlines.

Occasionally, display ads can be accepted after deadline. If a late ad order is accepted, there will be a late charge of 10% of the ad's total cost.

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