DP Product Lab




The perfect way to capture your audience in bite size pieces. If you are looking to efficiently communicate your brand to the Penn community, a DP Product Lab listicle is right for you. Using a list-like structure, you can keep readers attention and give them a clear idea of your product.

Sample Listicles

  • Dim Sum House: To spread the word about dim sum’s limitless brunch potential, we made a list of the many perks of the classic Chinese cuisine, from its rich history to the seriously delicious dumplings.
  • To help out the stressed juniors juggling recruiting season in the fall with rigorous course loads, we made a comprehensive OCR dressing guide.
  • Bank: In a multi-pronged project for a bank, we made a series of listicles meant to communicate the basic, banking 101 skills all Penn students should know.
  • Spring Fling: On behalf of a slew of businesses around Penn, we made a calendar graphic outlining the days leading up to Spring Fling allocated for those necessary detoxifying and retoxifying activities, from intense yoga sessions to nights out at Smokes.